What’s happening in Pier Road?

If you’ve just joined us, or stumbled upon this blog, then you’re probably wondering what’s going on in Pier Road.

Or, perhaps you live here and you’re wondering why is Pier Road and Arun Parade currently closed to vehicular traffic and what exactly is going on.

Here’s a brief overview.

The Environment Agency are currently building Sea Defences in Littlehampton to protect the town from rising sea levels.

This project has been in the consultation stage since 2009, and now is finally underway.

As the Environment Agency are only responsible for flood defences, or FAS – Flood Alleviation Schemes as they’re often referred to – the danger was that we’d be left with a big huge wall at a cost of just over £13.5million, which mightn’t look that great.

So, cue Arun District Council.

When Arun District Council became aware of the Environment Agency’s flood defence scheme plans, they seized the opportunity to turn this project into a regeneration project and create a new walkway linking Littlehampton Seafront to Littlehampton town centre.

They’ve provided circa £1.5million to achieve this.

So, rather than simply have a sea defence wall, the aim is to have a splendid new walkway with seating areas, and other visually attractive and practical features that will allow residents and visitors to enjoy more of all that’s great about Littlehampton.

The flood defence scheme isn’t just for Pier Road and Arun Parade, but also includes River Road and other areas along the River Arun.

Works in Pier Road are expected to be completed by June 2014 and Arun Parade by August 2015.

Here’s a visual of what Pier Road is expected to look like once the works are completed.

Pier Road Regenerated

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