Pier Road Diaries undergoing a makeover.

Littlehampton Blog

A new fresh start, along with a redesigned website, the Pier Road Diaries is changing name – Littlehampton Blog.

The Pier Road Diaries will be relaunching shortly, following a period of relative inactivity.

Writing about life in the lovely coastal town of Littlehampton, as well as travelling further afield. I’m interested to know how other similar sized coastal towns are fairing in what are difficult times for the UK’s seaside towns.

Future posts will include lots of information for those looking to relocate to this great coastal area and also looking at the many hidden gems that Littlehampton has to offer.

I will also be looking at proposed and ongoing regeneration plans for Littlehampton and who and what is shaping our town’s future.

This May, Littlehampton and Arun residents will be voting in the local council elections. Will the Tories continue to maintain control of Arun District Council (ADC) as they’ve done so for many years? Or will the Lib Dems (their closest rival) take over ADC just as they’ve managed to take control of Littlehampton Town Council?

Why is that local political parties are failing to attract younger people as councillors? Is this a national trend or something unique to us here on the South East Coast?

A new feature is the regular newsletter, which you can subscribe to – just enter your email address on the top right hand side of this page. Please be assured that your email address will not be shared or sold and will only be used to deliver the Pier Road Diaries newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Guest Posts – if you’d like to write a feature for the site, please contact me with a brief outline of what you’re proposing to write.

I hope you can join me, and as always, your comments and contributions are most welcome.

With every best wish,