Arun District Council’s Chief Executive reports the Car Park wasn’t dangerous

Arun District Council Car ParkThe above Arun District Car Park surface isn’t Dangerous – reports Arun District Council’s Chief Executive, Nigel Lynn. Neither does Arun District Council undertake Risk Assessments for their Public Car Parks, as they don’t legally have to.

In a written reply to my complaint about the dangerous state of an area in the West Green Car Park, Mr Lynn replies as follows:

“Dear Mr Power,

We have spoken with the car parking team here regarding risk assessment and they have responded as below …

Arun District Council does not have specific risk assessments for specific car parks and it is not a legal requirement. The car parks are patrolled by our contract staff and where there are Health & Safety issues they are reported. The West Green car park was not closed because we considered it a safety issue but because we recognised that the amount of mud and water on the surface would deter people from parking in that area.”

Kind regards,



Arun District Council Car ParkNo risk to safety, according to Arun District Council – only the appearance forced the closure of the Car Park.

No need for risk assessments as Arun isn’t legally obliged to undertake any.

Presumably they’re unaware of their Legal Duty Of Care to car park users under common law?

In any event in the absence of specific legislation requiring them to carry out a Risk Assessment, you’d imagine that common sense would require them.

And to claim that this car park isn’t dangerous, well what can I say?

Meanwhile, Arun District Council Car Parks have announced changes to their Car Parking Charges as detailed below.

Arun District Council Car Park ChargesYou need to read them very carefully to see what’s going on.

Arun District Council Car ParksRemember, it’s only the appearance of the above mud that forced the closure of Arun District Council’s Car Park.

The above poses no risk to public safety or is likely to pose hazard or danger to the elderly or those in wheelchairs or those pushing baby buggies?

The Miracle of Littlehampton Harbour

Littlehampton Harbour and river is the only harbour in the world to have intelligent water.

The EA’s sea defence proposals only include building on one side of the harbour and river, this being the East Side.

Therefore, full credit must be given to the Environment Agency for working out that the water flowing in and out of Littlehampton harbour via the river mouth will know which side to rise up on (East Side) and which side to avoid (West Side).

After all it would be crying shame if given the £13 million spend on sea defences that the water took it upon itself to flood the side where the Environment Agency haven’t carried out any sea defences.

I mean could you imagine for a moment the red faces at the Environment Agency where in between having to chase off out-of-season fishing men, collecting fishing rod licence fees and consulting tiresome local business owners, the EA were to realise that that everywhere else in the world, water rises on both sides of rivers and harbours. And that as they haven’t as much as provided a token rubber hose in their plans for the West Side of the river and harbour that this side will now be more prone to flooding.

Rest easy dear reader, I’ve no doubt that with the combined great engineering might of the EA Project Team and their expensive consulting engineers at Halcrow, that this potential flaw in their proposed plans hasn’t been addressed.

In fact, there can only be one explanation for this phenomenon:

That Littlehampton river and harbour is the subject of a miracle where we have the only intelligent sea water in the world that can independently discriminate on which side of the river/habour it should rise on so as not to make the Environment Agency and their engineers look silly.

To be fair, a similar thing happened before in biblical times.

Littlehampton Sea defences

Of course, now that we have intelligent water  running through Littlehampton harbour, we can look forward to a bright and prosperous future where given time we could become the next Lourdes, or at a push, Knock in Ireland.

Where we will be welcoming busloads of tired, weary and hungry pilgrims who have come to pay special homage to Littlehampton harbour to witness for themselves this intelligent water.

Littlehampton Sea Defence Miracle


Of course, it could be (dare I say it, but I feel I must..) that the Environment Agency haven’t discovered intelligent water in Littlehampton harbour and that their efforts to enhance the East Bank Sea Defences will have a disastrous and potentially fatal effect on the mostly unprotected East Side of the River..

I’m not an engineer but I’d imagine that if you built out and up one side of a fast flowing river bank without making any provision on the other side that this activity would have a deferential effect on the unprotected side?

Some of us with a bit of experience of previous government initiatives, particularly in times of recession, will appreciate the perils of State-led, target driven capital expenditure projects and will dismiss the idea that this is a miracle.

I’d expect disbelievers will face being ostracised as being ‘negative thinkers’ and labelled ‘troublemakers’ finding themselves being denied invites to consultation meetings with all their death-by-powerpoint presentations, dry biscuits and urn coffee and misleading information.

If I were either a resident or business owner located on the West Side of Littlehampton harbour or river, I’d be pretty worried about the increasingly serious risk of getting wet feet and seeing my home and business disappear as one part of the Littlehampton town is pitted against the other as sea levels continue to rise.

Environment Agency Sea DefencesAbove is a picture of the entrance to Littlehampton Harbour taken during Spring Tides. As you can see, the water is almost at footpath level. Now look across the river at the other side where the river is already flooding over the existing sea defences. The Environment Agency Sea Defence Plans – cost circa £13 million will not include any work to the other side.

I don’t think you need to be an engineer, coastal or otherwise, to work out that by dramatically building out the existing wall, and significantly increasing its height, these actions will have an equally dramatic effect on the other side.

LittlehamptonYou can see from the above picture that the East Side (right hand side) is already significantly higher than the West Side. If you look again at the picture above this one, you’ll see that the area where the two people are walking is flooded. The size of the area that’s flooded is quite remarkable.

I going to question why £13 million of tax payers money is being spent to build a wall on one side, and nothing on the other?

I asked this question previously at a consultation meeting with the EA Project Team and Arun District Council Officers back in the Autumn of 2012. We were assured by the Project Manager that there was no problem with this arrangement, and we were promised to be shown some mock-ups of how the water would flow. Talk of University students and mock-ups in tanks followed. But of course, to-date we’ve been shown nothing.

Time will tell, of course, whose right.

But I cannot see how building a wall on one of side of what is now regarded as the UK’s fastest flowing river without taking any remedial action to the other side, could be classified as sea defences, unless of course, you disregard the West Side completely as being unworthy of being defended or this is a simply another government project to build out way of recession.

No more building roads and houses. The former is too anti the ‘green’ agenda. The latter too reminiscent of greedy developers and banks, so instead let’s build some walls on one side of the river at a whopping great cost of £13 million and call it sea defences.

A bit like going out wearing only one shoe..

Arun District Council – Lack of Cycle Parking

Welcome to Arun District Council’s Civic Centre in littlehampton.

Unless of course you happen to be travelling here by bicycle….

Arun District Council No Cycling

Where you’ll be told in no uncertain terms that your bicycle isn’t welcome

OK, so the Arun District Council don’t want bicycles in their recently refurbished Civic Centre Reception Area, which cost the local tax payer in the region of £200,000.

I can understand why they wouldn’t want bicycles pushed into their newly refurbished reception area.

Surely the reason that bikes are being taken into the Civic Centre is that people can’t find anywhere to park their bike?

Given they’ve just spent £200,000 on a revamp, surely the relatively small cost of a sign indicating where bike parking can be found would be a sensible investment?

Or, better still, why not invest in some decent cycle parking for visitors to the Civic Centre?

Clearly every consideration is given to those visiting by car.

Arun Distrrict Council  Civic Centre

The existing cycle parking is around the corner of the main entrance out of sight, which clearly is a problem as no one can find where it is.

No expense has been spared in catering for the motorist:

  1. Disabled Parking bays at the front
  2. Short term parking bays at the front (to the right hand side of this picture)
  3. Free parking in a large lay-by (see other picture below)
  4. A large car park a hundred yards away from the Civic Centre.

Arun District Council Civic Centre Parking

Free short term parking outside the Civic Centre. Let’s not inconvenience the motorist and ensure that those travelling by car can park as close the front door as possible.

Why not designate that yellow hatched area to Cycle Parking?

Arun District Council Civic Centre

Continue around the building and you’ll find lots of free parking for motorists.

Just to the right hand side Arun District Council’s token gesture in relation to cycle parking. (Pictured above) Two black bars as far out of sight and access of the main entrance as possible. Unsigned and clearly unloved.

Compare this pathetic facility to the one pictured below, which has been created for the sole use of Arun District Council’s staff.

Arun District Council anti-cycling

But when it comes to providing Cycle Parking for it’s staff, Arun spares no indulgence and provides an excellent, secure and sheltered facility complete with CCTV monitoring.

In my view, an example of how cycle parking should be.

I congratulate Arun District Council for providing such a well-thought out, practical and clearly desirable cycle parking facility for it’s staff, but why no such thing for the local Rate Payer?

Arun District Council Cycling Policy

What a stupid and unhelpful sign this is.

Clearly if Arun provided a Sign outside the building indicating where the Cycle Parking could be found, such a negative message would not be needed?

Or, better still if Arun District Council created a decent, inviting, visible and practical Cycle Shelter (just like the one they’ve built for their own staff), the problem would be solved.

Please don’t take your bicycle into the Civic Centre.Cycle Parking available at the side of the building

Surely it doesn’t take much to create an altogether more positive and useful message?