Pier Road Businesses

Fish Kiosk in Littleahampton

Riverside Fish Kiosk, Pier Road

47 Mussel Row Pier Road Littlehampton BW47 Mussel Row

Fred's Fish & Chips BWFred’s Fish & Chips

Pier Road Littlehampton on the eve of the big makeover BWPier Road on the eve of it’s big makeover – Sunday, 20th October 2013

River Breeze Restaurant BWRiver Breeze Restaurant

The Gift Box BWThe Gift Box

Pier Road LittlehamptonA little worn out wooden jetty where excited children sit each year and catch crabs from. For others, it’s been a place of quiet contemplation. (will be gone in the makeover)

Sussex Army Cadet Force Pier Road Littlehampton BWSussex Army Cadet Force’s building in Pier Road.

Osca's Fish & Chips BWOsca’s Fish & Chips

Rajdoot Indian Restaurant bWRajdoot Indian Restaurant

The Nelson Hotel BWThe Nelson Hotel – the part that is in Pier Road, the main frontage being in Arun Parade.

Hook a Fish BWHook a Fish Fishing Tackle and Bait Shop

The Balaton Restaurant BWThe Balaton Restaurant (sadly, closed and up For Sale – one of the area’s most popular restaurants – closed for personal reasons by the owners and would make a brilliant business for anyone looking to move into Pier Road).

Links View Gift Shop BWLinks View Gift Shop

Thai Kitchen Pier RoadThai Kitchen

Coastal Cycles & The Dutch Bike ShopCoastal Cycles and The Dutch Bike Shop

(Please Note – this list is not yet complete and there are a number of other businesses yet to be included)

4 thoughts on “Pier Road Businesses

  1. Hopefully some of these businesses will have a bit of a smarten up as they have a neglected look. It would be nice if this part of Pier Road could be traffic free and have tables and chairs outside on sunny days.

    • Indeed, especially The Gift Box! As long as I’ve known of Pier Road that building has looked like it was about to fall down!
      I notice the photograph has been cropped close so as not to show the worst!

      • These comments hightlight the problem created by one or two businesses who let the whole road down.

        Once the works are completed, many of us have plans to repaint and refurbish the outsides of the builing. Most of us usually do this at least once every two years. However, this didn’t happen in 2012 as we were expecting the work to start back then. You may not be aware but these works are already been postponed for a year prior to starting in 2013. Thus many businesses took the sensible decision (mine included) to postpone the works until the scheme is finished as we have been warned to expect possible damage to our builings.

        I’m afraid I cannot say some business owners don’t see it as important to present the best possible image. It’s annoying and frustrating to us who do and it’s a bit like living in a road where everyone but a few look after their gardens and properties and therefore damage the entire road’s image.

        Good news is that there are two new businesses for Pier Road opening shortly.

        A traditional tea rooms at number 45, which will be run by Kay and Andy. Kay’s homemade cakes are to die for. We’ve been helping next door with ‘product’ development. So this once tired looking building is undergoing a whole revamp.

        Next up – The Waterside has been sold and the new owners are planning to turn it into a new bistro. Work has begun on the interior. Again this property has been unoccupied for a number of years since the previous owners ceased trading.

        Then we have Hook A fish – which is a new fishing shop in number 47 Pier Road. They’ve done lots of refurb work on the outside and it looks really great.

        All those businesses (the majority) who usuall pay keen attention to the outsides of their properties, will undertake works once the scheme has been completed.

        It’s a shame that we have one or two who don’t seem to care as they give us all a poor image.

  2. Maybe I can add a different perspective. I have just been down to visit my Aunt and have been doing that for over 50 years, so Littlehampton is like a second home. When I’m down we visit the Look and Sea for coffee every morning then take a walk up to the front. I think that the above point is very important and shows that there is a real opportunity here for the local businesses. Why couldn’t they get together and create their own regeneration project? Surely economies of scale (and perhaps a contribution from the contractors and the Councils, and what about creating a charitable organisation to get some tax-aid) could mean that a little could stretch a long way. Also the Army Cadets could help with fund raising. The aim surely should be to make the area attractive and at the same time protect it for the next few years against the weather. So please take this opportunity to help yourselves, your business and your future.

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