What’s happening with Arun District Council’s Look and Sea!

January now, not long before Spring and the early season visitors start arriving in our town. Still no official word from Arun District Council on what’s happening with the future of the Look and Sea! building. 

Importantly, will it be open and ready in time for the start of our tourist season?

Earlier this week, I saw that the remains of a New Year’s Eve celebrations from a nearby pub, still sat on the tables outside the now closed Look and Sea!

I find this unacceptable, given the level of proactive ‘council wardens’ that Arun District Council employ – from their parking wardens to their litter wardens that neither party during their frequent patrols in this area  could be bothered to inform the cleansing department at the council that the area badly needed cleaning up.

Surely it should be part of their job description to report on areas that need attention and it shouldn’t be up to local residents, business owners or visitors to tell the council that the building they own has been left in an appalling state?

I emailed senior officers at Arun District Council with some pictures and to be fair, there was an immediate response to get the place cleaned up and tidy. But, no reply to my question/observation as to why the council’s enforcement officers aren’t reporting back on things like this.

I also suggested to Arun District Council’s Chief Officer, Nigel Lynn that his senior officers should get out from behind their desks and take a more proactive approach to sorting out many of this towns easy-fix problems, this being one of them.

Let’s hope that ADC appoint a new operator and get this wonderful building with terrific harbour views open and welcoming customers back again in the near future. Let’s also hope that the council might instruct its army of enforcement officers (parking and litter) to report back to the council on whatever needs attention. You’d imagine this would happen automatically, but sadly not.

On a more positive note, thanks to Practical Boat Owner Magazine for commissioning and publishing my Visitors Guide to Littlehampton in their January 2019 Issue.

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Littlehampton Coastguard Tower fails to sell at Auction.

Littlehampton Coastguard Tower fails to sell at Savills Auctions on 9th May 2018.

The tower which was sold previously by Arun District Council has fallen into considerable disrepair under private ownership, which is a real shame.

Prior to it being sold, I had offered Arun District Council an attractive business proposition –  I would lease the tower from the council, thus generating revenue for what was an unused building and turn into a ‘News & Views’ seafront shop. I also planned open the tower to the public as a viewing tower.

My offer was rejected. I was told there was no way that Arun’s councillors would agree and approve my plans as it would potentially impact on an existing, long-established seafront business.

The tower was then sold at auction and has since remained in private ownership since with little or no visible maintenance or upkeep until it being advertised for auction on 9th May 2018 where it was auctioned again, but failed to find a buyer.

Littlehampton’s Coastguard Tower has planning permission to convert it into holiday accommodation. It is available at £95,000 for any interested parties via Savills Auctions.