Roffey Homes Worthing’s Aquarena redevelopment approved by Councillors.

Luxury homes developer, Roffey have had their plans to build a new 15 story tower on Worthing’s seafront, approved by Councillors.

The controversial development, which had previously been refused in 2015 when 21 floors had been  proposed, has now been reduced to 15 floors.

Only one of the 7 Councillors  voted against the revised plans. Liberal Democrat Councillor, Hazel Thorpe objected to the plans supporting objectors views that the development was out of character for Worthing seafront and that it did nothing to solve the town’s housing crisis.

Objectors to the plan were left disappointed by the council’s decision to approve the plans, cited the height of the building as being one of the main reasons for their objection and that the overall development was not in keeping with the town’s character.

2,000 objectors signed the petition.

However, the remaining 5 Tory Councillors voted in favour of the plans and now work is expected to begin shortly on the development with completion aimed for by 2020.

The new development, which will cost an estimated £45m will include 141 homes, including a proportion of ‘affordable homes’, a new cafe and a new public space.

Speaking on BBC radio Sussex this morning , Ben Cheal, managing director of Roffey Homes told Neil Pringle how emotionally exhausted he was following the council meeting and he assured Worthing residents that the new development would bring about some real economic benefits for Worthing.

Personally, I like Roffey Homes proposed new development and I look forward to seeing it completed. I think there’s a real danger in seaside towns falling into a mentality that any change or improvement is negative. South East Towns such as Worthing, which is not dissimilar to Littlehampton, need to do more to improve the facade of many of the older buildings.

The above redevelopment by Roffey Homes on Worthing Seafront looks fantastic, in my view and really did regenerate, what was a very run-down area and create an instant feel-good factor for anyone arriving in the town.

Roffey homes is a family business developing luxury homes along the South East Coast from Brighton to Bognor Regis since 1960.

I wish them will their new development.

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2 thoughts on “Roffey Homes Worthing’s Aquarena redevelopment approved by Councillors.

  1. Some people are worried that this height might be a precursor for other buildings of the same height over the front in Worthing, ie on the site of the existing parking lot over Marks and Spencers and at the junction of Grand Avenue and West Parade. There is also a tempting run down block of buildings surrounding Ben’s car wash on the front that could be redeveloped at some time.

  2. I would imagine that will open the flood gates and those who live along the seafront will soon have no clear view of the beautiful sea?

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