Beware bike thieves currently operating in Littlehampton, Rustington and Angmering.

If you own a bicycle and park it in a public place in Littlehampton, Angmering or Rustington, please be extra vigilant.

We’ve had 4 reports of bicycles being stolen earlier this week, Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

Thieves appear to have specifically relatively high-priced bikes including a GT Mountain Bike stolen from outside Angmering Train Station, which was locked with a high security motorcycle lock. A Cube bicycle stolen from outside Barclay’s bank in Rustington and another bike stolen in Littlehampton.

All the thefts reported to us at our bike shop in Pier Road appear to have happened on Tuesday.

Unlikely that the bikes are still in the area, but beware of anyone offering you a high quality bike, at a cheap price.

Bike thefts are unfortunately the bain of all our lives. We regularly hear of owners having their bicycles stolen from outside local train stations, supermarkets including Tescos and Waitrose.

If you see anything suspicious, dial 999.

If you’re a local cyclist, please take extra care when leaving and locking your bike. In my view, it’s shameful that Southern Rail relocated all their bicycle parking to outside of their train stations where thieves appear to be able to operate out of sight and with relative immunity. Those who do approach the train station to ask them to view the CCTV are given little time by the rail company.

Beware also that the majority of bicycles stolen in the area are taken from garages and garden sheds. We strongly recommend all our customers to lock their bikes while parked in their garden shed or garage. Sadly, few do and insurance companies have previously report that over 70% of all bicycles stolen in the UK were unlocked at the time of being taken.

Be vigilant and don’t let some thieving scumbag take your pride and joy.

As always, thanks for reading, comments welcome.


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