Happy New Year to all.

A very happy New Year to all our readers and followers.

Apologies, for the lack of updates on the blog, I’ve been busy with a number of other writing projects, including the revisions for my best selling small business book – Start and run your own gardening business – now in its 4th edition.

We’ve also been working at rebuilding our business in my bike shop, Dutch Bike Shop and Coastal Cycles in Pier Road following the Environment Agency and Arun District Council’s joint flood defence scheme and regeneration works.

I’ll be writing about these ongoing efforts in future posts.

Going forward – The Pier Road Diaries blog will feature on Littlehampton’s regeneration as well as the challenges facing small business ownership in our area.

So if you’re running your own business, or looking to start one, be sure to follow the blog.

Finally, I have also been working on a new website – Littlehampton Live – which is an online news and views site for residents, business owners and visitors to our lovely seaside town of Littlehampton.

If you’re a local business owner or have an event you wish to get some publicity for, please contact us at info@littlehamptonlive.co.uk  all entries/listings are free and we’re also interested in any local news you have.

On a sad note, late last year we lost a lovely local resident,  who will be known to many – John Morris. The man with the gentle Scottish accent who took a great interest in local affairs, wrote regular letters in the Littlehampton Gazette and was a keen participant in the local Quiz nights and a regular on the allotment scene.

John took a particular interest in the Environment Agency’s flood defence works and will be known to the guys at VolkerStevin and the Environment Agency’s staff who worked on the Littlehampton project.

He was also a regular reader of the blog.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of his passing until recently. Although I had missed his visits to our shop, I had put it down to the pre-Christmas period. The last time we spoke, he visited my shop together with his adorable grandchildren and his wife Mary.

I’ve never seen him happier and the last time I saw him leaving our shop, smiling proudly  with his two little grandchildren at his side, is a lovely memory to have.

Rest well, John.

Love and best wishes to his lovely wife, Mary and family.


As always, thanks for reading, comments welcome.

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