Littlehampton Fish Kiosk Moved

Littlehampton’s Riverside Fish Kiosk has moved.

With final works to complete Littlehampton’s £22m flood defence and regeneration project underway, Pier Road’s Riverside Fish Kiosk was moved today to its new home perched on the new riverside walkway.

Riverside fish was originally located in Pier Road junction with Arun Parade was moved at the beginning of the works to a temporary trading location in South Terrace junction with Pier Road and Arun Parade.

Today, the kiosk took to the air to take up its new home in the new riverside walkway. The event proved popular with locals and visitors alike who watched as the kiosk was craned through the air in what was an impressive maneuver.

Here it is in pictures.

Littlehampton 1

The crane arrives in Arun Parade ready to begin the operations.

Littlehampton 2

Final preparations to the Fish Kiosk are made.

Littlehampton 3

Passers by gather to watch the unfolding events.

Littlehampton 4

Riverside Fish kiosk has traded from this temporary base and location for the past eighteen months during the construction of the flood defence scheme and new public realms.

Littlehampton 5

A giant frame is craned into place.

Littlehampton 6

The frame is then attached to fish kiosk and it’s all ready for lift off.

Littlehampton 7

The Kiosk is all ready for lift-off. The gap between the kiosk and the telephone box is breathtakingly narrow.

Littlehampton 8

The kiosk begins to lift slowly off its temporary platform.

Littlehampton 9

Once clear of the telephone box, it’s free to be turned around in preparation for landing.

Littlehampton 10

Continuing its journey across Arun Parade.

Littlehampton 11

Ropes guide the angle of the kiosk positioning it ready for landing.

Littlehampton 13

An excited crowd of onlookers has gathered to watch this impressive spectacle on the new riverside walkway.

Littlehampton 14

Almost  home.

Littlehampton 15

The kiosk was held in the air for a period as work continued on  getting the various services lined up. Shortly after this picture, the kiosk was lowered to the ground where it can now be seen.

It’s hoped that the fish kiosk will re-open within a couple of weeks once it has been fitted out again, ready for business.

If you missed the kiosk moving from its original location to its temporary home you can see the pictures here.

Scheme Update

As I understand it, the Environment Agency and their partner’s Arun District Council are still aiming to have the Arun Parade section of the new walkway opened in time for Easter. I believe there’s been some technical problems with an area on the seafront, which may delay the opening of a section of the public realm on the seafront.

But hopefully the new walkway will be fully opened in time for Easter.

As always, thanks for reading, your comments are always welcome.







2 thoughts on “Littlehampton Fish Kiosk Moved

  1. A piece of Littlehampton’s living history reinstated and great photos to go into the memory bank. Let us just hope that ADC does not intend to have an opening ceremony with just their big wigs being photographed, but that they allow it to be a day for the people when the whole river and pier promenade is ready

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