Works reveal old road surface

As West Sussex County Council’s Highway’s Contractors began work on scraping off the old Pier Road surface to make ready for the new, they revealed a rare glimpse into Pier Road’s cobbled past.

Littlehampton Flood Defence works 2

Contractors machinery running along Pier Road and scraping off the original road surfacing. Owing to the poor sub-structure in Pier Road, it’s been decided to skim off only the bare necessity.

Littlehampton Flood Defence works

In the above picture, you can see the difference in levels. The old Pier Road surface to the right and the freshly scraped off surface to the left.

Littlehampton Flood Defence works 3

The machinery used for the works were impressive.  The above machine simply ran along the road ‘scraping’ off the old surface to a preset depth. The top layer is then spewed out into an accompanying lorry ready to be taken off site and disposed of.

Littlehampton Flood Defence works 4

During this scraping off process, the machinery went deeper in one stretch as this had been identified by engineers as needing an additional depth. It was here the old cobbled section of Pier Road was revealed. You can just see the little patchwork in the above picture.

Littlehampton Flood Defence Works 5

A closer view of the old cobbles shows how well-preserved they are despite years (no one knows how many, maybe you do?) of having the newer road surface laying on top.

Pier Road, Littlehampton.2

Above, one of the earliest pictures of Pier Road available.

My thanks to Tom Collins, Senior Highway’s Engineer at West Sussex County Council’s Highways Department for taking the time to show us this rare gem before it gets filled over next week when the new road surface will be laid.

Latest Update from the Littlehampton’s Flood Defence Works:

(Information provided by Arun District Council and The Environment Agency)

Weather permitting, Pier Road should be opened either by the end of February 2015, or in the event of adverse weather, early March. The public realm walkway in Pier Road is due to open by the end of week commencing, 2nd March. However, the full landscaping is not expected to be finished until Easter when Arun Parade is also due to be finished.

2 thoughts on “Works reveal old road surface

    • Agree entirely. Sadly the exposed cobbles are now no longer as the contractor has filled in this part.

      I argued during the design stage that it was important that some of Pier road’s heritage was preserved, even incorporated in the new wall. Views ignored. Concrete over heritage.

      Kind regards,

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