Cracks appear in the road, north end of Pier Road

Littlehampton sea defences

Large cracks, pictured above have appeared in the North end of of Pier Road. The cracks which are large by any standards – just look at the £2 coin sitting over the crevice have opened up as the Environment Agency’s Contractors VolkerStevin have been piling the last remaining section of Pier Road.

Littlehampton sea defences

The scene in Pier Road where a large crack has opened up in the road both inside and outside the sea defence works. During the piling of this section of Pier Road the 130t crane didn’t sit on its platform as before, instead sitting on a bank of shingle. I believe this was owing to the logistical problems of working in this tight environment.

Previously the crane has sat on an especially created ‘bridge/platform’ as the engineering reports highlighted that Pier Road wasn’t strong enough to take the weight of the crane and the piling activity.

Littlehampton flood defences

This particular area of Pier Road is notable as it was originally where the town’s gas works were located.

Littlehampton sea defences

Hopefully this isn’t something serious and the EA advise that their contractors are investigating.

Littlehampton sea defences

As you can see above, the piling has all been completed save for a couple of end pieces. Work on the building the capping on top of the piling appears to be progressing well.

Sea defence works in River road

As reported yesterday, a section of River Road has now been closed to allow works to begin on the sea defence works in this area. The EA’s contractor’s VokerStevin are hoping to have this section finished and the road re-opened by October 2014.

Littlehampton Steam Packet

Road closed in River Road. The Arun View front bar will remain open throughout the works subject to site conditions as the contractors are working at the rear of the premises. Car parking for Arun View customers is available in front of the Arun View.

The Steam Packet will remain open throughout and car parking is available at the rear of the premises, but accessed via the front. Just drive slowly along in front of the Steam Packet – not turning into River Road and follow the signs.

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