Littlehampton Harbour, views from the Crane

A huge thanks to Eric Smethurst and his colleagues at VolkerStevin for providing me with these super pictures of MV Victress entering Littlehampton Harbour.

MV Victress is owned by Faversham Ships, Holland and is usually based at East Cowes.

These photographs were taken by VolkerStevin’s staff working in Pier Road  from a basket hanging from the crane and give a unique view of Littlehampton harbour, including the construction of Littlehampton’s Sea defences.

These photographs have been taken so all parties involved in the construction of Littlehampton Sea Defences  can monitor the behaviour of a large ship entering Littlehampton Harbour and see what if any impact the new sea defences may have.

Remember to click on the pictures to see an enlarged view.

Littlehampton harbour 1

Littlehampton Harbour’s Pilot Boat enters the harbour to ensure the way is clear.

MV Victress was built in 1992 at Rosslauer Shipyard Elbe as the Lass Mars.

Her length in the water is 74.94m

Littlehampton harbour 2

A quick view of Littlehampton’s sea defence works while the photographer waits for the boat to arrive.

Littlehampton harbour 3

A terrific ‘bird’s eye’ view of the recently constructed crane bridge which is carrying the 130 tonne crane along Pier Road.

Littlehampton harbour 4

A splendid view of Littlehampton’s Oyster Pond. Built at some time during the 1700s.

It was originally used as area to store freshly landed fish and oysters, prior to their being taken by road to their onward destinations. This was in effect a then ‘modern day’ refrigeration until. In 1735, Littlehampton had a new river mouth channel cut and a wooden harbour erected. It was around this time that the Oyster Pond would have been constructed. I had previously thought it was constructed in the 180os, but according to books in Littlehampton library, they record its construction as being in the 1700s. In any event it’s one of Littlehampton’s oldest structures.

Littlehampton harbour 5

MV Victress entering Littlehampton Harbour. As you can see the crane basket was quite literally perched above it!

She has two movable bulkheads giving 7 different stows.

Her main engines are  2 x Cummins KTA19m rated 748kw

And she has a Electric Bowthruster: 100KW to help turn her around.

Littlehampton harbour 6a

You can see one of the ship’s crew members looking up at the crane basket on the left hand side (our left looking down at it)

Littlehampton harbour 6


MV Victress passes under the crane basket on route to be unloaded at Railway Wharf.

Littlehampton harbour 7

A great picture showing how high up the photographer is….

The progress with the construction sea defences is now apparent and as you can see the contractors are now steaming ahead. It won’t be long before the South End reach (Arun Parade) meets the North Reach (Pier Road). All piling in these two areas are on target to finish now in May. Good news, as we won’t have the banging anymore.

Littlehampton harbour 10

I think the colours of the buildings in the new East Bank riverside development and really striking and really enhance Littlehampton harbour.

Littlehampton harbour 11

Littlehampton’s Look and Sea! on the right hand side and Arun Yacht Club on the left hand side. Arun Yacht Club also offer visitor’s moorings, so if you’re planning to visit Littlehampton harbour, do call them in advance to book your space.

littlehampton harbour 14

Littlehampton’s iconic ‘red footbridge’ has opened to allow MV Victress make its final maneuver where it will moor alongside the quay.

Once again, many thanks to Eric and his colleagues at VolkerStevin for allowing me to use these pictures and keeping us updated on their works.

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As always, thanks for reading.


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