Blowing a hooley, time for Arun Yacht Club Dingy Sailors to take to the water.

A Sunday treat – Littlehampton’s Arun Yacht Club Dingy Sailors take to the water to show off their impressive sailing skills. Close quarter dingy sailing in Littlehampton’s Harbour in a force 4/5 provides both exhilarating sailing for those participating as well as compulsive viewing for those of us ashore.

Aptly named – today’s event (Sunday, 2nd March 2014) is part of the club’s Frostbite Blast Series – you had to be watching to appreciate how cold it was…

(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Arun Yacht Club LittlehamptonArun Yacht Club 1Arun Yacht Club 4Arun Yacht Club 6Arun Yacht Club 7Arun Yacht Club 5Arun Yacht Club 13Arun Yacht Club 14Arun Yacht Club 9Arun Yacht Club 15Arun Yacht Club 10Where’s the crew?

Arun Yacht Club 8Arun Yacht Club 12Arun Yacht Club 3Fancy having a go?

Littlehampton’s Arun Yacht Club are based on Littlehampton’s West Beach and are always looking for new members to join this friendly sailing club.

From the Club’s Website:

New Members Very Welcome!

It says it on our front door and we mean it! Whether you’re new to the area or new to sailing we have a place and a programme for you. We welcome new starters, old starters, restarters, curious youngsters, curious youngsters’ curious parents, the young, the young at heart, the friends of members, website readers…the list goes on. All you need is a desire to get involved in sailing at the level right for you and the ability to follow the Three-Step Starter Plan:

Step 1: Call our Secretary in the Club’s Office (01903 716 016; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are best!). If she doesn’t answer, leave a message and she will call you back. She will find out from you what you are looking for and then put you in touch with the most appropriate club member.

Step 2: If you cannot wait until morning to contact the Club, then send us an email using the following link: Arun Yacht Club

CadetsStep 3: While you’re waiting for a call back, take a look around our Web site to see what we get up to. We offer sail and powerboat training, dinghy sailing, dinghy racing, cruising, and cruiser racing


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2 thoughts on “Blowing a hooley, time for Arun Yacht Club Dingy Sailors to take to the water.

  1. Ta pier road so luv the water all of my life being a swimmer at age 14 my parents being told I had potential too be an Olympiad had hoped moving to littlehampton I could get involved kite surfing water sport my passion 08 put an end to this and since am relegated to gentle water activity sole purpose to be as good as I can be very much committed degenerative condition doesn’t win in a hurry hope you all good with hope for better weather thus improving trade for you all I will pass on info arun yacht club in might be something younger family members would like. But great to look at for me .

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