Latest Update on Littlehampton Sea Defences

Brace yourself for long delays.

The Environment Agency have today confirmed that the Sea Defence Works currently underway in Pier Road and Arun Parade are facing long delays and both roads will now be closed for a period of at least a year.

Autumn 2014 is now the anticipated completion date for the scheme, which has come as a huge blow to both residents and business owners whose roads (Pier Road, Arun Parade and part of South Terrace) have already been closed since Autumn 2013.

The Environment Agency have also confirmed works in Pier Road and Arun Parade will continue throughout the summer months.

Reasons for the delay, provided by the Environment Agency include:

  1. Adverse weather
  2. Multiple crane and rig breakdowns together with technical problems with the mechanical plant.
  3. A number of complex and very important safety issues regarding locating the crane on the existing riverside area.
  4. The drawings for Arun Parade and Pier Road have only recently been finalised that has led to some increase in the amount of time required on site.

What’s not clear at this time is if this revised finish date includes the completion of the scheme’s enhancements and the work required to put Pier Road and Arun Parade back as usable surfaces following the works.

If this new date does not include completion of these additional works, then we could easily be looking at early 2015 before we see Pier Road and Arun Parade returned to normal again.

We’re grateful to the Environment Agency for this latest update.

14 thoughts on “Latest Update on Littlehampton Sea Defences

  1. How can we see the latest drawings? and what is Mr Dendle as cabinet member for floods saying now that the delay is extended, is he re-negotiating compensation for the business owners?

    • You can see the latest drawings by visiting the Public Information Centre on the Oyster Pond, to the rear of Riverside Fish. It is open on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays from 8am – 4pm.

  2. I’m so so sorry for you all power to the environmental agency’s response did you all know that the plans have only just been decided ?if not I believe you are owed an explanation on this and if this is the case pherhaps councillor Dendle could explain mmmmm not sure why pherhaps it’s me

  3. Yes Terry rather feel councillor dendle needs to provide answers if he’s not on social network sites that is with his view on other political party’s or listening to the mewing of other councillors who don’t work for the community

      • It’s nice to see someone else make this observation. Thank’s Pew Punter.

        As Andrew will recall, I along with a number of other Pier Road Business owners raised concerns about this proposed narrow pavement during our consultation meetings.

        And it’s not just the narrow pavement – it’s the fact that we now only have one pavement as the other has been lost to the scheme. Thus all Pier Road pedestrian traffic will be squeezed into this ‘cage’, which is entirely unsafe in my view.

        When I raised my concerns, I was told that as the scheme wouldn’t be operating during the busy months, this wouldn’t be a problem. But now of course this has all changed – as I predicted it would. So here we are now facing Easter and beyond with something that looks like a greyhound run and has all the charm and ambiance of Ford Prison – only Ford Prison is open….

        I cannot see how pedestrians, wheelchair users, push chair users, mobility scooter users, the elderly, the frail, those with dogs, those with children, those pushing bicycles, those who refuse to get off their bicycles, will all share this tiny space in harmony.

        It was bad enough last weekend when two people came to blows outside our shop as one party objected to the other leaving their bike against the harras railings.

        From Easter onwards during busy periods there are regular queues outside the take-away restaurants. Combine this with the above and you get what’s commonly known as organised chaos.

  4. We must be grateful to the Environment Agency for their honesty and engagement with the public throughout this project – its always best to make the true picture known so that people and businesses can make their plans with the best knowledge available.

    This is disastrous for the local businesses in Pier Road and I hope that you are all making progress with your compensation claims.

    Was it Councillor Dendle who said a few days ago that this project was running to schedule? … and that compensation had been agreed? I hope the businesses concerned are getting genuine help and not empty rhetoric!

    • Yes, Councillor Dendle announced via his twitter account that he was unaware of there being any ‘material delays’ and the scheme (according to him) was on target to finish in July 2013 prior to the school holidays.

      I find this unacceptable given that Councillor Dendle is Arun District Council’s Cabinet member for Engineering projects including Flood Defences. I cannot accept that he was unaware that there were delays and problems.

      As for compensation, I can certainly confirm that my business hasn’t agreed a compensation package with the Environment Agency, and I am aware of other businesses in similar situation.

      • My prediction is that Arun will keep a low profile until the job is done and then when it’s completed they’ll put out a press release telling us all how wonderful they are!

        By the way, congratulations on a really interesting web site.

  5. If it is of assistance to pier road I believe chuckle brother there was some conversation with councillor dendle on twitter I’m not convinced he has offered much assistance it is my belief that if he hasn’t offered assistance time he did many of the traders have been their a long time and I’m concerned for them I know most of them personally over many years I believe back last year councillor dendle in the scheme of things wanted a more European flavour outside seating etc and it is my believe that pier road traders are best placed to decide on this I’m not sure councillor dendle has the ability or expertise in this regard be it he could find out exactly what is going on it would not be exceptable if they were not kept informed and also in terms of compensation and quite honestly I rather feel this should have been in place beforehand I’m grateful environmental have done a decent job today providing this information

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