A dangerous Car Park and a Twitter Spat with Councillor Paul Dendle, Arun District Council

Arun District Council Car ParksThis is the muddy mess of a car park that Arun District Council have provided for visitors to Pier Road and Harbour Park.

Arun District Council Car ParkHow Arun could expect the elderly and disabled to essentially scramble through this mess is beyond me.

Arun District Council Car ParkDespite Arun District Council’s CEOs (aka traffic wardens) patrolling the South Terrace area just by Pier Road on a regular basis to whop a ticket on anyone who dares to park in the now empty and deserted South Terrace area – they made no report of how dangerous this car park was.

So is it any wonder so many weren’t using it?

Anyway, after a complaint by myself to Arun’s Chief Executive about the dangerous state of this car park, Mr Lynn’s office informs me that this Car Park has now been closed and that visitors to Pier Road can park free in the main Western Green Car Park.

How they intend to police this is anyone’s guess, but meanwhile the aggressive and over-bearing actions of their Traffic Wardens continue.

Arun District CouncilMy last post where I thought that common sense would actually prevail regarding over-attentive Traffic Wardens, was sadly misplaced. Their actions continue. Here they are providing a high visible deterrent for anyone thinking of visiting and supporting our businesses.

You could now play a game of football in the Western end of South Terrace, it’s so quiet. Yet, Arun District Council’s Traffic Wardens continue to patrol this area as if it were some dangerous hot spot.

So, if you’re visiting Pier Road, please use the free car parking area in front of the Windmill Public House.

I have asked Mr Nigel Lynn CEO of Arun for an explanation as to why given the incessant visits and patrols by his parking officers they never highlighted the very obvious and very real dangers of this car park.

I will publish his reply in a future post when available.

Meanwhile, thank you to all of you who continue to support our businesses in Pier Road. We all do appreciate your custom and I can’t say how important it is for us to get your support.

As regular customers know, we have all suffered a loss in trade, in some cases (including our own) this loss has been dramatic and substantial.

And now, to that Twitter Spat with Councillor Paul Dendle..

(you can read it on our twitter feed @pier_road)

Contrary to what Councillor Paul Dendle stated in my twitter exchange earlier, Compensation Packages have not been agreed with Pier Road Traders and these negotiations continue under what are proving to be difficult circumstances for us all.

It’s about time once and for all that the ‘compensation myth’ perpetuated by Candy Flow Towers (AKA Arun District Council) was once and for all put to death. We’re not all sitting here comfortably earning a fat compensation payment while the works continue outside our doors.

Many of us are enduring sleepless nights, worrying as to how we’ll pay our bills and, there has been Job losses.

Councillor Dendle would do well to know that prior to shooting off on Twitter with his insensitive, untrue and highly inflammatory comments.

Incidentally, I discovered that Councillor Paul Dendle is the Arun District Council Cabinet Member responsible for Flood Defences in the Arun District having heard him on the local radio. He was being interviewed by Neil Pringle from BBC Southern Counties in relation to the anger of residents in Pagham who say that their flood defences provided by Arun District Council have failed.

Given that we in Pier Road have been in consultation with Arun District Council and the Environment Agency since 2010 regarding the construction of the Sea Defences in Pier Road, I expressed my surprise that we haven’t seen Councillor Dendle at any of the Stakeholder Consultation Meetings.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable of myself to ask why the Cabinet Member for Flood Defences hasn’t attended any of the Stakeholder Consultation meetings in relation to Arun’s biggest flood defence scheme costing £15million.

Councillor Dendle’s confusing reply was to say he wasn’t invited and then blame me for not inviting him to the meetings.

Given that his council arrange and facilitate these meetings and invite us, I’m understandably confused as to why Councillor Dendle would be believe it’s my responsibility to invite him to his own council’s meeting?

I also don’t think it’s unreasonable that given the dangerous and appalling state of the above car park and the fact that he is the Cabinet Member for Car Parks that I asked him for his opinion on the state of the above Car Park.

Councillor Dendle is an elected representative and I’m astonished that he knows so little about what’s going on in relation to matters in his own Cabinet Portfolio.

I’m even more astonished that he’d take to Twitter to demonstrate this.

A bizarre exchange with Councillor Dendle followed, which you can follow on the Pier Road Twitter Feed @Pier_road.

In any event I will ensure that Councillor Dendle is invited to our next Stakeholder Consultation meeting where some of us, at least are really looking forward to meeting him.

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5 thoughts on “A dangerous Car Park and a Twitter Spat with Councillor Paul Dendle, Arun District Council

  1. I have read your whinning now for a while ..yet you don’t have answers why don’t u either stand for council or just stop you would soon complain if taxes went up to pay for your petty whines

    • My complaint to Arun District Council regarding the dangerous state of their car park was upheld by Arun who took sensible action to close the car park.

      Clearly my complaint wasn’t viewed by the Council as ‘whinning’ as you call it.

      However, given the regular attendance of Arun’s Car Parking officers to this car park and the surrounding area, it’s only right that they explain why these officers didn’t highlight the dangerous condition of their car park.

      As for taxes, my actions have potentially saved the Local Authority considerable costs in ensuring that a serious health and safety risk was addressed thus saving the administration from the costs of potential costly litigation.

      For example, East Sussex County Council paid one of their employees a staggering £26,000 for slipping on ice in one of their Car Parks.

      In fact, the same County Council (East Sussex) paid out over £800,000 in compensation for the period January 2008 – January 2013.

      And notably, this figure is just for council workers, not members of the public.

      So I’d say my intervention has saved Arun potentially thousands in compensation payments, staff sickness and so on.

      As for you reading my ‘whining now for a while’, then the simple answer is that you don’t read The Pier Road Diaries.

      Unlike Arun District Council’s ‘ARUN TIMES’, I don’t send my blog out uninvited to every household in the Arun District with all the costs that creates.

      If you follows these simple steps, you’ll be free of my ‘whining’ for ever.

      1. Don’t visit the Pier Road Diaries
      2. Don’t follow @pier_road on twitter
      3. If you accidentally or otherwise visit my blog, then use the X on the top of your browser to leave.

      • Pier road diarys you are indeed a breath of fresh air for over 20 years I waited to finely move to the area and over the last 5 years honestly I realy started to regret you see in 2008 I had a disaster honestly I could write a book and I’m so very sorry all of you are having a tough time in 11 years of knowing the girls in the Thai I’ve never seen them so worried as I’m sure you all are I so hope for the future things change just today I was reading an article in the newspaper wscc capita was the cry from various supposedly educated people how I chuckled with amusement er yes aren’t you aware of the changes seems like some of those elected can only profess knowledge in chosen field no good as far as I’m concerned but then if you work full time and can’t cope with your councillor responsibility and don’t go to the meeting and keep up to speed on issues you realy aren’t assisting your electorate ah well can only hope for pier road better for you all and better for arun I think many of us are seeing the problems but thanks I’ve enjoyed looking at the pics with so many personal memory’s for me I wish you well

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