A very Happy Christmas to all our customers and readers.

All of the businesses in Pier Road would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers (and readers of this blog) a very happy and peaceful Christmas and thanks for all your support in 2013.

Our thanks also to the team at the Environment Agency – Andrew Walker, Peter Borsberry, Sam Munnings for their help and support during this year and consulting with us. Likewise thanks to Roger and Rachel at Arun District Council, John Edjvet (Town Centre Manager) and finally a big thanks to Eric Smethurst from VolkerStevin for brightening up Pier Road during what is proving to be a difficult time for most of us.

The latest update from the scheme is that the piling works are now 4 weeks behind schedule with no piling having taken place in Pier Road at all. It’s disappointing for everyone, but the scheme’s contractor’s are keen to stress that a four week delay in piling doesn’t mean the scheme is 4 week’s behind.

On Friday 20th December the works will pause for the Christmas break and will resume again on the 6th January 2014.

Other important news is that Arun District Council have announced they have (with immediate effect) suspended their ongoing enforcement of the parking regulations in the area behind the Road Closed Signs in South Terrace. This being the area in front of Riverside Fish Kiosk. This area has seen extraordinary, and in my view unforgivable over-attention by Arun’s Traffic Wardens, which regrettably has had an enormous impact on visitors to our area with associated loss of trade. Why this area became the subject of such aggressive enforcement is not clear, but given that this area of the road is clearly marked as ‘ROAD CLOSED’, it’s easy to see why visitors parked here.

Thankfully, common sense has finally prevailed and West Sussex County Council are introducing a half-hour waiting maximum waiting area in this area of South Terrace, which will be helpful.

Arun District Council Traffic WardensThe area behind the above signs had been the subject of intense and prolonged ticketing by Arun District Council’s Traffic Wardens or CEO’s as they’re called. This area was regularly visited by Arun’s Parking Enforcement Officers who demanded those who were parked there to move or face ticketing. Unattended vehicles were ticketed. It’s absolutely incredible that given the relatively small size of this area (approx 100 metres on only one side of the road – left hand side), and that the road itself is clearly marked as ROAD CLOSED that the area was the subject of such intense activity by Arun District Council. The effect of their unnecessary, bizarre actions has resulted in a dramatic loss of business for businesses in Pier Road.

Thankfully, common sense has finally prevailed (thanks to West Sussex County Council)  you can now park in this area for up to a half an hour.

Please remember if you’re visiting Pier Road – there is a free car parking area provided by Arun District Council for all visitors and customers of Pier Road. This car park is located in the West Green Car Park – this being the square, almost tiled area just in front of the Windmill Public House. It’s clearly marked – Car Parking for Pier Road  – just make sure you’re parked in the area provided.

DSCF3157Here’s a picture of Pier Road as it is now (22nd December 2013)  having been closed since October 2013.

Pier Road closedHere’s a picture of how it was the day after it was closed.

The differences being:

  1. Fence erected
  2. Bins removed
  3. Green kiosk removed
  4. An area of the pavement has been leveled with tarmac.

The only real activity that we’ve actually seen in Pier Road has been the over-zealous, unwanted and destructive attentions of Arun District Council’s Traffic Wardens and the near annihilation of our businesses.

Other than that, a very, very happy Christmas from the Pier Road Diaries – thanks very much to all our readers for taking the time to visit, and all our contributors for taking the time to share your views.

Catch up with you all in the New Year.


4 thoughts on “A very Happy Christmas to all our customers and readers.

  1. I’m still confused over this parking gripe. Where did people park before Pier Road was closed? I don’t recall seeing any parking areas in Pier Road, and, in fact, those who parked illegally on double yellow lines were at least, a nuisance, and at most a danger to pedestrians and drivers alike.

    • Parking areas have always existed in Pier Road.

      The double yellow lines you refer to in Pier Road are seasonal and are not enforceable outside of the periods – 1st April to 30th September.

      As we are now in the period where the double yellow lines are non-enforceable, considerable amounts of free and unlimted parking have been lost. Many elderly visitors to Pier Road rely on parking outside, or near the doors of the restaurants in order to access them.

      Owing to the works, these customers are no longer able to access their favourite restaurants. Many of them eat 7 days a week in these restaurants and have been absolutely distraught that they’ve been forced to go elsewhere.

      Even when the double yellow lines are enforceable (April to September) those with disabled badges are allowed to legally park in Pier Road.

      In addition to parking in Pier Road there has always been free parking in Arun Parade which is now closed for the duration of the works, expected to be opened again late September 2014.

      The area that West Sussex County Council are now introducing as a 1/2 hour waiting area is the area behind the Road Closed signs. In any event, this area (one side of the road approximatley 200 metres long) has only a single yellow line and it is only enforceable during the hours of 8am to 6pm.

      Given that this section of the road is closed to through traffic and given the serious loss of alternative parking for Pier Road, it’s only sensible that this small area be made into a short term parking area especially when you consider that you can already legally park here between the hours of 6pm and 8am.

      While I’m relieved that the Highways Authority at West Sussex County Council have adopted a common sense approach in desiginating this area as a short-term waiting area, however the damage done by Arun District Council in harrasssing customers of the Fish Kiosk and other businesses has been unacceptable and unjustifable. Especially when you consider that Arun District Council are a partner in this scheme and Nigel Lynn, Chief Executive of Arun District Council has previously pledged his support to do all he can to support businesses in Pier Road through what is proving to be a very challenging period.

      Arun District Council sending out traffic wardens with specific instructions to police a 200metre strip of road in area that is actually in a designated ROAD CLOSED area, is hardly what anyone reasonable would consider to be supportive of businesses struggling to attract and retain customers.

      Hope that helps clear up your confusion.


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