Pier Road’s historic kiosk now removed

Pier Road 5In it’s heyday, Pier Road’s green kiosk played an important part in the road’s fishing and tourist economy. For years it was operated as a fishing tackle shop by Mr Moore. Sadly, when Mr Mooore retired the kiosk’s new owners (for reasons best known to themselves) decided not to reopen it as a fishing kiosk and it fell into a derelict and sadly unloved state.

Yesterday, Wednesday 27th November, saw its final demise to make way for the new Sea Defence wall.

Pier Road Kiosk 1The kiosk being emptied ready to be dismantled.

Pier Road Kiosk 3VolkerStevin’s workers preparing to remove the roof. (I’m always grateful to them for allowing me to take their pictures and for poke around the perimeter fencing with my camera. If you’re down in Pier Road do say hello to them as they’re a friendly and helpful crew.

Pier Road Kiosk 4Walls are coming off…

Pier Road Kiosk 5All that remains is the handrail.

Pier Road Kiosk 6The Kiosk finally gone with only the walkway remaining.

Pier Road, Littlehampton

Pier Road, Littlehampton

This early picture of Pier Road, pre-dates the building of the Kiosk, but as you can see the wooden walkway was in place at this time.

Coming next – the latest update on the scheme’s progress and an Interview with Eric Smethurst, Public Liaison Manager for VolkerStevin, the scheme’s contractors.

2 thoughts on “Pier Road’s historic kiosk now removed

  1. Paul – I’ve just been told they will be working this weekend, setting up the frame, ready for the first piles to be brought down Monday, with a view to driving them Tuesday/Wednesday. Six at a time in 3 day cycles. Am lunching at Nelson on Monday – should be plenty of action to see!!



  2. Yes, they’re working this weekend. I just met the site manager, Andy Hills while I was out walking the dog this evening. He’s putting in some long hours (fair play to him) – I met him earlier in the morning while I was on the way down to the shop. Crane is now operational again. Enjoy your lunch on Monday. I’m away on Monday and Tuesday. Catch up with you later.

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