Shoreham’s Adur Ferry Bridge Officially Opened.

Opening of Shoreham's Adur  Ferry Bridge 3His Royal Highness, the Duke of Gloucester officially opened Shoreham’s Adur Ferry Bridge earlier today, Wednesday, 13th November 2013.

Opening of Shoreham's Adur Ferry Bridge 4Large crowds gathered to watch the official opening ceremony of this impressive swinging bridge. The Bridge, designed and constructed by Osborne’s has taken just over a year to complete at a cost of just over £10 million. Money has been provided via a number of sources including Sustrans (the walking and cycling charity) and Heritage Lottery funding.

Shoreham Adur Ferry Bridge openAs the Duke officially opened the Bridge, the centre opening of the bridge began to swing round to it’s closed position in what appeared to be an effortless, silent motion.

Shoreham Adur Ferry Bridge open 2The bridge closing.

Shoreham Adur Ferry bridge open 3Waiting for the bridge to close.

Adur Ferry BridgeDignitaries led by HRH The Duke Of Gloucester lead the first party across the river where they met residents from Shoreham Beach. 96 year-old Jack Lucking  then led thousands of Shoreham residents across the bridge in the brilliant sunshine.

Shoreham Adur Ferry Bridge 3Shoreham Beach residents make their way across towards Shoreham.

Shoreham Adur ferry bridge 4Shoreham Adur Ferry bridge 5The Bridge, which is superb and offers great views as well offering protection from the elements will be used by walkers, cyclists and mobility scooter users.

There was a real carnival atmosphere in Shoreham-by-Sea earlier today and the celebrations are ongoing with a firework finale scheduled for later this evening. Shoreham residents led by local school children are going to perform a massive Conga to celebrate the bridge’s opening.

This is an excellent, real life example of regeneration and although Shoreham beach residents have been without their footbridge for over a year while this new bridge was being built, there was real agreement amongst those that I spoke to that the wait had been worth it.

Shoreham Adur ferry bridge 6

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