A Giant 160 tonne Crane has arrived in Pier Road

At the moment, work is ongoing to ‘rig’ the gigantic 160 tonne crane that has just arrived in Pier Road, Littlehampton ahead of next week’s scheduled piling works.

This massive crane is so big that it had to be transported in sections. The caterpillar tracks are so big (weighing approximately 7 tonnes) that each one had to be transported separately in their own 40ft articulated trailer. Crane in Pier RoadPictured above is one of the two 40ft articulated trailers needed to transport the caterpillar tracks, which have come all the way from Austria and have been built especially for the new crane.

Crane in Pier Road 2Unloading one of the two giant caterpillar tracks, which weigh approximately 7 tonnes. Just looking at the size of the articulated trailer needed to transport each one, gives you an idea as to just how big these are.

Crane in Pier Road 3You get some idea of the enormity of these tracks in the picture above.

CraneThe crane pictured above, which itself is an impressive size at 60 tonnes is being used to ‘assemble’ or rig –  to give the procedure its correct technical term – the 160 tonne crane.

Crane in Pier Road 4The Track is then lined up and fitted to the main body of the crane.

Crane in Pier Road 5Here you can see the second crane working on rigging the giant 160 tonne crane, which when fully rigged will have the potential to reach over 70 metres. Although the engineers advise that they don’t anticipate needing this full range.

Largest craneAll fits together like a giant lego set.

largest crane everIn the foreground you can see the ‘jibs’ which go to make up the main arms of the crane. These are white tubular space frame parts and there are different jib arrangements depending on the work being undertaken.

This amazing crane has the potential to lift a mass of 140 tonnes with only a very short reach, say 4 metres. Given the relatively narrow working conditions in Pier Road, it’s easy to see why this crane is needed.

The sheet steel piles which will be used to build Littlehampton’s Sea Defences are a staggering 20 metres in length and weight over 4 tonnes each. The crane is expected to reach about 50 metres while holding a pile.

Largest Crane at night 2A picture (above and below)  taken earlier tonight (Thursday, 7th November) of the crane in Pier Road.

Largest crane at nightAs always, a big thanks to Andrew Walker from the Environment Agency for sharing the technical information with us.

If you get a spare moment, then do pop down to Pier Road to see this crane in the flesh. Rigging is still ongoing and it’s fascinating to watch.

We’ve been advised that piling works starts next week.

3 thoughts on “A Giant 160 tonne Crane has arrived in Pier Road

  1. Looks very big, can’t wait to see it in action. I will walk down over the weekend and take a few Walnuts with me, should be able to manage those for me.

  2. Great stuff – thank you. I was unable to be there myself as I was leading a party of pensioners to Tangmere – and the Gribble Inn.

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