Latest Update on Littlehampton’s Sea defences provided by the Environment Agency.

Hard to believe that Littlehampton’s Sea Defences are just a few days away from becoming a reality. With many confused as to what the nature of these works will be, and their effect on Pier Road, the Environment Agency and their partner, Arun District Council have provided this latest update to the Pier Road Diaries.

We’ll shortly be publishing an interview with members of the Environment Agency’s Project Team in a behind-the-scenes look at what is now Littlehampton’s biggest infrastructure investment.

And the Pier Road Diaries will be covering a pictorial and diary record of the project from start to finish – so make sign up to our Diary to keep up to date with the latest news during this exciting and innovative project.

More of that later, but here’s the latest update from the Environment Agency.

Work to improve the tidal flood defences along the East Bank of the River Arun is set to start in Pier Road, Littlehampton this month. The £14.5 million partnership scheme includes the building of a new tidal river wall to protect over 2000 residential properties and businesses against 100 years of predicted sea level rise. It will also vastly improve the walkway along the riverside, creating an attractive pedestrian route between the town and the beach.

 Work to the flood wall will be complemented by design work which will raise the promenade, enhancing the views across the river. Careful planning has also gone into ensuring that the new promenade has wide visual appeal through the use of improved lighting, tree planting and attractive seating areas.  The materials have been carefully chosen to preserve the coastal identity of Littlehampton whilst being robust enough to endure the exposed conditions.

 The scheme, which includes flood defences from the lighthouse on the Promenade to north of the A259, is expected to be completed by the end of 2014. The project is a partnership between the Environment Agency, Arun District Council,  West Sussex County Council, Littlehampton Harbour Board and Littlehampton Town Council, all of whom have worked together to ensure the plans will deliver maximum benefit in terms of both flood defence and environmental improvements.

 Whilst Pier Road and Arun Parade will be closed to vehicular traffic for the duration of the works and re-opening in May 2014 and July 2014 respectively, pedestrian access to both will be maintained throughout the construction of the scheme. Businesses will remain open as usual throughout the works and visitors will be able to access the shops and kiosks on Pier Road and Arun Parade as normal. Free parking only for customers of Pier Road shops, restaurants and Harbour Park will be made available by Arun District Council in the sign-posted part of the West Green Car Park from Monday 21 October 2013.

 Councillor Dendle, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, speaking on behalf of Arun District Council, said: “It will be very exciting to watch this project unfold.  We are all looking forward to seeing the end result which we believe will be a significant improvement to the promenade area between the seafront and the Town centre.  As well as protecting the many properties which would previously have been at risk of tidal river flooding, we hope that these improvements will attract more visitors and tourists to the area and provide a more enjoyable experience for local residents. It brings to fruition Arun’s long held aspiration of having a high quality, uninterrupted pedestrian link between the Town centre and the sea front.”

 David Robinson, Environment Agency Flood and Coastal Risk Operations Manager, said:“This is a major landmark in this important flood defence scheme. We are very keen to work with residents and businesses throughout this project and I would like to thank them in advance for their patience and understanding whilst these construction works take place.”

 An information office and notice boards will be set up on site for businesses and visitors to the area to find out more about the scheme and to be kept informed of its progress.  Further information will also be available at our website

or by contacting the project team on 08708 506 506 or by email at





2 thoughts on “Latest Update on Littlehampton’s Sea defences provided by the Environment Agency.

    • Hello Terry,

      A good question – I thought the answer was actually on the pages as there was an about us on there, but during the summer season I took it down briefly to allow space for the What’s on in Littlehampton section.

      Thanks for pointing it out!

      To answer your question –

      The Blog is created and written by myself, Paul Power co-director of Coastal Cycles, which is a bike shop in Pier Road. It was originally created in response to the environment agency’s proposals for the sea defences in Littlehampton. At the time – if you read back through the earlier posts, there wasn’t a great deal of useful communication between the EA and the traders and residents in Pier Road.

      Since the blog started, we’ve moved on now and I’m pleased to say we have regular and in the main productive meetings with the Environment Agency, Arun District Council and West Sussex County Council.

      We mightn’t always see eye-to-eye, but we get a chance to air our views and make our point, which is what consultation is all about.

      If you want to contact me direct, just send me an email at – please note as I’m involved in a number of businesses, I’m not usually at the bike shop in Pier Road.

      Kind regards and thanks for the taking the time to contribute.


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