Abolish VAT on Cycle lights, please sign our e-petition!

With the autumn upon us and the nights drawing in, it’s vital that cyclists are properly illuminated.

At the moment, the government treats the sale of bicycle lights as it does chocolate – and slaps 20% VAT onto the sale of bicycle lights are they are considered a luxury item.

The government like to talk about encouraging cycling as a healthy form or transport, so why then is anyone who buys lights for their bike treated as if they were buying a  bar of chocolate or packet of crisps?

It’s a crazy situation when you consider that cycle helmets, which are non-mandatory are not subject to VAT while bicycle lights, which are mandatory are treated as a luxury purchase.

Please take a moment to sign our epetition here. We need 100,000 signatories before it can be discussed in Parliament so please, please do share this on your facebook pages, twitter feeds and let’s get VAT abolished on bicycle lights.



Thank you.


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