One dead and four injured in a fire in South Terrace, Littlehampton

A fire broke out in a South Terrace property, Littlehampton overnight.

South Terrace Fire

The Scene pictured above at South Terrace this morning following the early morning fatal fire.

One man lost his life and four others were injured in the fire, the cause of which, is as yet unknown.

The fire believed to have started at the front of the building at around 12.45am this morning. A man was found dead in the property, four other residents had to be rescued as smoke filled the building.

Local eyewitnesses report that one woman was rescued from the roof of the building where she had taken shelter as the fire spread throughout the building.

South Terrace Fire 1Fire fighters managed to contain the blaze so neighbouring properties were unaffected.

South Terrace is located just around the corner from Pier Road, Littlehampton and many of the properties overlook Littlehampton seafront and promenade area.

Forensic fire investigators are currently on scene investigating the cause of the fire.

South Terrace Fire 3 MediaTelevision crews and reporters in South Terrace this morning speaking to residents of adjoining buildings.

South Terrace Fire 4The building remains sealed off this morning with police officers manning the cordon as fire investigators carry out their investigations.

South Terrace Fire 2Fire Damage to the buildings period features.

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