The Belle proves popular and the Littlehampton harbour welcomes a large visitor..

As previously reported, the Belle cruise boat, which usually operates out of Brighton Marina has spent the week in Littlehampton offering boat trips from Littlehampton to Arundel as part of the Arundel Festival.

The Belle Littlehampton to Arundel trips

The Belle has proved hugely popular amongst locals and tourists who’ve enjoyed the trip from Littlehampton to Arundel as well as bringing visitors to Littlehampton.

The Belle Littlehampton harbourThe Belle returning from a trip to Arundel where it has proved hugely popular.

The Belle Littlehampton harbour 2Passengers for the Belle queue awaiting it’s arrival from Arundel.

For those who’ve missed out, the Belle is still running trips between Littlehampton and Arundel today, Friday, and over this coming weekend. Pick up and disembarkation point is Pier Road just opposite Coastal Cycles.

Another visiting vessel to Littlehampton Harbour earlier in the week was the MV Islay Trader, which also pulled the crowds. This cargo ship being one, if not thee largest vessel to enter and leave Littlehampton Harbour. Apparently it was taking metal sheeting for use in the construction of the new Sea Defences – a joint project led by the Environment Agency and Arun District Council.

Islay Trader 1Excited crowds gather on Littlehampton Pier to watch the arrival of the Islay Trader.

Islay Trader 2The Islay Trader edging its way into Litlehampton Harbour.

Islay Trader 3The Pier Road Ferry stands by as the Islay Trader squeezes past on route to Railway Wharf.

Islay Trader 4Making its way down towards the Wharf. The red footbridge has parted to allow it to enter through.

Sadly, we’re now entering the last week of August as many visitors prepare to head for home to get ready for another school term.

And, Pier Road faces an uncertain future as it’s not long now before the Environment Agency proposed new sea defence work begins and Pier Road will be closed to vehicular traffic as well have boarding stretching along its length approximately 1.5 metres from the restaurants and shop windows.

Littlehampton Harbour 2Take a last view of the tide lapping up against the wall in Pier Road as this landscape is soon to be given the ‘regeneration brush’.

For years, all ages has stood and watched the tide rise and fall along this road. Stand here on a busy summer’s day and you’ll hear grandparents explaining to their excited, fascinated grandchildren how the tide comes and goes. They’ll watch fascinated as the dry areas are overtaken with the rising tide. Or, marvel as the tide ebbs away.

Littlehampton HarbourAs it is now above,

riverfrrontAs it was, above

As it will be in the future, below.

ADC Plan for Pier Road

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