Now the Travellers have gone, time for Arun District Council to get back to normal.

Travellers Littlehampton seafront update 3Now our fearless Travelling Friends (pictured above enjoying them themselves to their little hearts content) have travelled off to be a pain for someone else, it’s safe for Arun District Council’s jobsworths to crawl out from Candy Floss Towers and deal with the District’s real problems.

First up was my neighbour, a hard-working, tax-paying middle aged lady out walking the seafront with her small dog who found herself surrounded by two of Arun District Council’s Dog Police who threatened her with a £1000 fine for walking her dog while not on a lead. She was let off with a stern warning.

Next up is an Ice Cream seller in Bognor Regis who has received a written warning from Arun District Council for breaching the terms of his lease for the selling a whipped ice cream with a 99 Flake.

You might want to read that again.

Apparently, as an Arun District Council Concession holder, he’s allowed to sell whipped ice cream by Arun District Council, but is not allowed sell an ice cream with a flake.

And, wait for it – someone saw one of his customers walking along Bognor Regis Seafront eating an ice-cream with a flake – and complained to Arun District Council, who’ll you’ll be glad to know took immediate action by threatening to revoke the Concession holder’s lease.

He can however, sell both items separately and not be in breach of his Lease.

So buying an ice cream from his seafront kiosk works like this:

‘Here’s your ice-cream but you’ll have to put your own flake in it”

That’s perfectly legal in Arun District Council.

But, were he to dare to say:

“Here’s an ice cream with your flake in it..”

Arun District Council threaten to revoke his lease.

Damage to Littlehampton Seafront.Above an example of the damage and destruction caused recently on the seafront where little or no action was taken.

But for a Council Concession holder to sell an ice cream with a flake and your lease will be revoked.

Why didn’t they just prohibit him from selling ice cream if it was going to create such a problem?

You won’t be surprised to know that the book below is one which Arun District Council purchased for their Chief Executive and billed it to the tax payer.

Arun District Council public spending

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