Latest Update on Littlehampton Travellers

Latest Update – 12th August 2013.

Now left the area completely.

Latest Update – 7th August 2013.

Travellers have now left the Seafront Site, Rosemead Open Space and an area of ground in Angmering and Littlehampton is returning to its brilliant best.

Previous Reports follow below.

Following Arun District Council obtaining a Possession Order earlier today, Tuesday, 30th July 2013 – Travellers who have been occupying Littlehampton Seafront are now on the move.

Arun District Council Possesion OrderArun District Council’s Possession Order granted earlier today by Chichester County Court.

Arun District Council evict travellersNote the piece I have circled which describes the Travellers as being ‘Person’s Unknown’.

What I don’t understand is we’re continually told by councils that Travellers have certain rights and that the council can’t simply evict them or even give them as much as a parking ticket. So why then have Arun District Council described this group as being ‘persons unknown’ and not (for example) J Blogs and party Travellers?

Surely if this lot are identified as ‘persons unknown’ they should be awarded the same rights as the rest of us and tackled accordingly?

Anyway, the closing moments in the seafront seige are played out below as we enter the next phase – oh yes, it’s not over yet.

Damage to Littlehampton Seafront.Above picture is of the appalling state of the illegal entrance used by the Travellers, which Arun District Council still refuse to block up – or even make any attempt to make it safer.

Arun District Council evict travellers 2Above, the pavement outside the illegal entrance in a dangerous condition.

Arun District Council littlehampton seafrontAs the Travellers leave the site, the seagulls feast on the rubbish bags left behind. To be fair, they have bagged all their rubbish – but it’s not long before the gulls seize the opportunity and the seafront is awash with litter.

Yes, they’re leaving Littlehampton Seafront – but, it’s still not good news.

When I spoke to Nigel Croad, Deputy Chief Executive of Arun District Council last week when the travellers first arrived, I asked him why given this group had only just been evicted from Worthing seafront did no one in either Local Authority think of following them and attempt to block wherever they’re going.

Mr Croad told me this wouldn’t work, and wasn’t possible.

(Dear Nigel – it’s not as difficult as you’d imagined. All that’s needed is to get one’s backside out from under the seat and you’re half way there…)

So, I decided to take the Pier Road Diaries a bit further afield and follow them as they left Littlehampton Seafront and can report as follows:

The large group has now split into two groups occupying –

Rosemead Park – just behind the Littlehampton Academy and a stretch of land in Wick, Littlehampton – to the West of the new Morrissons Supermarket.

Travellers in LittlehamptonOn the way to Rosemead Park having just being evicted a couple of hundred yards down the road.

Here at this entrance,  I witnessed them driving on the pavement while towing caravans and then driving down the cycle path just before the Littlehampton Academy.

Full marks must go to the Littlehampton Academy who had their gates well and truly closed and manned with security personnel.

But, sadly, our public spaces weren’t as well protected and in they came driving along the pavement where they squeezed through the narrowest of gaps.

travellers in Littlehampton 4How they got inHad this piece of machinery being parked across the cycle route/pavement, they wouldn’t have got through. Travellers in Littlehampton 5Arun District CouncilOn route to Rosemead right outside Littlehampton Police Station.

The Second Location

As I said earlier, the large group appears now to have split – with the other group occupying land to the West of Morrisons Supermarket in Wick. Just behind the Minster Business Park.

Travellers in WickThis is the second site in Wick, Littlehampton.

Travellers in Wick LittlehamptonNot good news for the residents of Littlehampton and Arun.

It’s almost like ‘cat and mouse’, but in this instance, there seems to be no cat and it’s all mouse.

4 thoughts on “Latest Update on Littlehampton Travellers

  1. They sit there and play the racist card when it has nothing whatsoever to do with race – it’s their appalling attitude and the disgusting way they behave that makes everyone hate them. What the hell is wrong with these people? If I did this I could be expected to be carted off the land within an hour but these bunch of thieving scroungers get away with it. Now we’ll all need to lock and bolt our doors at night for fear of burglaries and violent crime. Why can’t they just sod off?

  2. First night they arrived-walked dog along prom 1130 ,group of children threw large pebbles at me(no accident) and told me to ‘f-off and f— my mother”. Second night ,same time,same kids shouted abuse,mentioned ‘dads shotgun??” Few yards along met with delightful sight of a young lad squatting by the big metal arch ‘making toilet’…apparently its ‘dirty’ to use caravan ‘facilities’ so walk 40ft and do it on floor.other than the generators/quad-trialbikes and all night field driving they seemed like lovely people…

  3. Hello just to let you know that most of the travellers on Rosemead vacated the site at 7.50pm this evening, just four vans remaining. Hopefully we can all get a decent night’s sleep tonight as the generators/barking dogs have kept us awake. Bin liners of rubbish have been kindly left behind for us to deal with but I don’t care; I’ll happily clear it all up once they’ve gone! Also I can take my dog out for a walk on the field; she’s not been out since Tuesday morning.

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