Ship Wrecked in Littlehampton

Littlehampton Arts Festival Week.

Ship Wrecked



A Pier Road resident has created his own living exhibit for the Littlehampton Art’s Week featuring himself and his hen Nana in a Living Art Exhibit – Ship Wrecked.

Littlehampton Arts Festival 3Littlehampton Arts Festival Nana the HenAlan’s Hen, Nana is part of the exhibit.

Littlehampton Arts Festival 4Ship Wreck Littlehampton Arts Festival 2“Ship Wrecked’ By Alan can be seen in Pier Road just outside the Littlehampton Harbour Board’s Offices.

Ship Wreck LittlehamptonAlan later modified his living exhibit to the one pictured below having grown tired of what he described as ‘wearysome passers-by who have no appreciation of art. Apparently, a number of people had mistakenly thought he was selling eggs, while others thought he was the subject of an impending eviction and others tried to encourage Nana to make strange clucking noises.

“We thought it best if we both withdrew from the exhibit,’ Alan said.

Littlehampton Arts 2013

Littlehampton Arts Week runs from Saturday 20th July 2013 – 27th July.

Download a brochure for Littlehampton Arts Festival via the link below.


If you can’t make it in time to see Ship Wrecked by Alan – make sure you check out Alan’s Quirky house, which is located in Pier Road.

This quirky, fun and vibrant house is probably the most photographed property in Littlehampton.

quirky house Pier RoadQuirky HousesQuirky houses in LittehamptonHis lady in the top window always raises a smile, although we have had some who have been incensed by it…

Quirky House Pier Road Littlehampton

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