Littlehampton Harbour gets its first Trot Mooring Customer, but all is not well…

Littlehampton Harbour Board has just got its first Trot Mooring Customer, but alas, all hasn’t gone as it should.

Littlehampton Harbour Trot MooringsNot too sure what’s gone wrong here, I suspect the yacht owner has failed to realise that he’s meant to moor his bow to the top chain, and his stern to the lower chain, but I could be mistaken. In any event, something is seriously wrong and with the tide coming in at the speed it does in Littlehampton harbour, there’s a good chance he’s going to go under.

Littlehampton HarbourAs always, the helpful knowledgeable harbour board staff can be relied upon whatever the crisis and they can be seen standing by the stricken yacht in the background.

Littlehampton MooringsA clever interception by the harbour board staff by attaching a large buoyancy buoy to the yacht’s bow in an attempt to lift up the bow with the rising tide. But, will it be enough to do the trick?

Littlehamptons new trot mooringsAs the tide rises, it’s the moment of truth for Littlehampton Harbour Board’s intervention..

Littlehampton harbour mooringsThankfully, the tactic works and the yacht is out of trouble for now at least. The harbour board also attached rear mooring lines to the chains closest land to hopefully ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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