TLA Steel Band perform at the Waterfront Festival.

Sunday, 23rd June, Littlehampton Water Front Festival.

TLA Steel Band Performance at the Oyster Pond, Littlehampton.

TLA perform at the Littlehampton Watefront festival.On occasions, battling against seemingly impossible winds, TLA Steel band perform at this year’s Littlehampton Water Front Festival. Their performance was sponsored by  Coastal Cycles, Pier Road, Littlehampton.

Recently, the band has introduced a new initiative with the introduction of a an adult section who also perform alongside their younger counterparts. A brilliant initiative that shows that when it comes to music, age is no barrier.

TLA Steel Band Littlehampton 2TLA Steel Band Littlehampton 14TLA Steel Band Littlehampton 10TLA Steel Band Littlehampton 12TLA Steel Band Littlehampton 17TLA Steel Band 5TLA Steel Band Littlehampton 9TLA Steel Band 7TLA Steel Band 1TLA Steel Band Littlehampton 4Littlehampton Steel BandTLA Steel Band Littlehampton 3TLA Steel Band 6TLA Steel Band Littlehampton 15TLA Steel Band Littlehampton Water FestivalTLA Steel Band Littlehampton 8TLA Littlehampton Waterfront Festival 2013TLA Steel Band Littlehampton 13TLA are available to perform at private functions and can be contacted via their Website.

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