Old enough to remember the Raleigh Bomber?

Raleigh BomberWe’ve just finished restoring an authentic Raleigh Bomber bicycle in our Coastal Cycles Workshop. The Bomber was one of Raleigh’s 1980’s models standing alongside the Raleigh Chopper, Grifter and Chipper.

Described by Raleigh as follows:

Possibly the meanest machine on the street, custom built for cruising, the bike’s curved frame and giant 26″ x 2.5″ wheels are nothing short of impressive. With either the single speed or three speed version, those mammoth wheels really help you motor. Tough as they come, the Bomber’s foam sprung saddle and wide rise bars with foam rubber grips still offer complete comfort…

Raleigh BomberOur Restored Bomber even features the original lights, which were purchased by the bike’s one owner as an additional accessory on the day the bike was first bought. We believe this to be in 1983 – so our Bomber is 30 year’s old.

Raleigh BomberOur Raleigh Bomber on Littlehampton’s East Beach. The Bomber was designed by Raliegh as a Cruiser and it’s certainly offers a really comfortable ride. With the original 3 speed Sturmey Archer gears, it’s quite a capable machine.

Raleigh BomberThe original Speedometer, which worked by fitting a large wheel similar to a dynamo wheel against the front tyre wall.

Raleigh BomberAbove you can see the wheel which provides the speedometer readings. Notice the reflectors built into the side of the handlebar grips. A cool and innovative feature of the day.

Raleigh BomberRaleigh BomberOur Bomber even has it’s original tyres and side stand.

Raleigh Bomber Coastal CyclesThe Bomber forms part of our private collection of bicycles and is not currently For Sale. If you have a retro bike you’re thinking of selling, please contact us. We’re particularly keen to find a Raleigh Record Road Bike circa 1984.

Raleigh BomberRaleigh Bomber

9 thoughts on “Old enough to remember the Raleigh Bomber?

  1. Hello, ive just seen your images of the Raleigh Bomber Bike and have noted that you said this isnt currently for sale but was wondering if you knew where i could find one to purchase of same colour and quality.

    Many thanks

  2. Hello i hope this finds you well.
    My name is Carl and i am a firefighter aged 45 living in Suffolk. The Bomber is one of my child hood memories i will treasure forever. I remember the christmas morning of 1983 when my Christmas present was hidden behind Mum and Dads bedroom curtain. Mum and Dad never had a lot of money but this is what they had bought me. It was a bike that dreams were made of and felt so very proud to go out and play and ride my Bomber. If you do ever decide to sell the Bomber i will buy it with out hesitation 100%. I now have small children and i would love to own such a bike again so that the magic can be past on to them and for them to create dreams as i did being a youngster. Fantastic job done and a total credit to your attention to detail on the bike. Well done.

    Kind Regards,


  3. Carl, thanks very much for your lovely message. Certainly if we do decide to sell the Bomber, we’ll contact you. Hopefully in the meantime you may come across one for sale.
    Kind regards,

  4. I just found your website by accident. This is quite interesting. I still have my original Bomber I bought in the late 1980’s. Everything except the tires are original. It certainly is a great bicycle with those huge wheels and what I particularly liked was it’s long frame. You kind of sat back and pedaled. I haven’t ridden it for a while. It is standing in my garage begging for some attention 🙂

  5. A Raleigh Bomber website search brought me here, and reading through I note you are looking for a Raleigh Record.
    Are you still looking, as I have one which I may be willing to sell?

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