Leisure Strategy Meeting Arun District Council.

Now that the irritating business of the local elections are over, Arun District Council’s ruling Tory Party can get on with deciding the future of Littlehampton’s swimming pool and Windmill Theatre.

The previous meeting was dramatically postponed only hours before it was due to start when Arun District Council’s Chief Executive Nigel Lynn, announcing that a substance, which may have contained asbestos had been discovered while work was being undertaken in the council’s chambers.

Many locally, suspected the council were using the asbestos gag as a way of postponing what are some very difficult decisions, until once the local County Council elections had taken place.

The local view being that Arun District Council wouldn’t want to make unpopular decisions that may loose them votes. In any event, Asbestos wasn’t found, which hardly came as a surprise as by Law Arun District Council were obliged some years ago to undertake an Asbestos Survey of their building. One could safely assume that this survey would have been thorough and that if any hint of Asbestos was present, it would have been discovered back then.

In any event, Arun District Councillor, Paul Dendle, the councillor in charge of leisure and tourism and whose brief includes the Swimming pool and  leisure facilitates, took to the Littlehampton Gazette, to assure the local population that postponing the said meeting, wasn’t a conspiracy (his words, not mine) and that it was a sensible precaution to save guard all our well beings.

Councillor Dendle subsequently secured the lowest of all the Candidates when he stood for West Sussex County Council in the recent County Elections. Polling only 462 votes and coming behind the Labour Party (512 votes), Liberal Democrats (526 votes), with Ann Margaret of UKIP being elected with 1044 votes.

Tonight’s  meeting,   which is widely expected to be over-subscribed by irate local voters angry at seeing much loved local leisure facilities threatened with either closure or relocation, will be broadcast live by Arun District Council.

Arun District Council must be congratulated for this initiate to broadcast live the Council meetings, and I hope in the future, they may include many more full council meetings.

You can view the proceedings live here.

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