Arun District Council’s Sea Front Car Park Charges

Earlier this year, Arun District Council announced it’s intention to increase the parking charges in Littlehampton seafront. This a popular place for our visitors to park. The increases proposed were to increase the 1 hour charge by double, from £1 to £2.

4 hours will cost you a staggering £7  – thus making parking in Littlehampton’s seafront more expensive than parking in Chichester.

We had the usual mandatory consultation announced in the local papers.

There were of course several sensible, well-made objections from local business owners opposing the increases, but in true form at Arun District Council, where consultation seems to be seen more of a necessary tiresome mandatory process, the outcome was already a foregone conclusion, and  up went the prices.

But it’s not car parking charges that are the only thing that has gone up in Littlehampton Seafront as the picture below shows.

Arun District Council car parkingOK, so Arun District Council increase Littlehampton’s seafront car park charges, but fail to cut the grass. The picture above was taken on the May Bank Holiday weekend, a weekend when the above car park was full of cars – all paying premium prices to park here and this is the state of the car park.

Arun District Counci Car parkingForget the bucket and spade, bring your own machete  when coming to park in Littlehampton’s Seafront Car Parks – £7 for 4 hours in the long grass and uneven, gravely surface.

Surely it wouldn’t take much imagination or forward thinking on their behalf to work out that if you’re going to charge more for car parking, you should at least ensure that the car park is up to a suitable standard?

Combine this with a number of Arun District Council’s run-down buildings and it’s not difficult to see why Littlehampton is failing to attract the numbers it used to.

There was  a time when council’s took pride in their area and environments and full credit must go to Littlehampton Town Council who continually impress with their splendid beautifully maintained buildings and gardens.

What a shame it is that Arun District Council can’t get the basics right.

Arun District Council 3I wonder how much it would cost in consultant’s fees to advise Arun District Council that cutting the long grass might be a good idea in an effort not only to attract new visitors to our seafront, but retain those we so desperately need to keep?

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