Littlehampton Harbour and Sea Views

Arun Yacht Club, Littlehampton

Arun Yacht Club   located on the West Side of Littlehampton Harbour. A busy Yacht Club with a vibrant all-year-round Dingy Sailing Club and lots of activities for people of all ages. Moorings and berths available.

Dutch Bike Shop

Dutch Bike Shop established in Littlehampton since 2004 is also a General bike Shop, stocking  a range of bicycles, electric bikes, folding bikes and Trikes. Home also to Coastal Cycles, Bike Hire and Cycle Holidays.

Littlehampton’s Longest Bench.

Littlehampton’s Longest Bench running through one of the recently constructed Seafront Shelters, which frames the beautiful Sea View in the background.

Longest Bench, Littlehampton

Colourful section of the Longest Bench. Slats are available to engrave with your unique inscription.

Longest Bench Slats inscribed with unique and personal messages

A beautiful and increasingly popular way to remember loved ones, is to buy a slat and have it engraved accordingly. Slats are also engraved to remember special events such as birthdays, weddings, civil partnerships or just a good day out at the beach!

The Longest Bench is an ongoing project funded now by the Sale of Wooden slats. Gordon Roddick, husband of the Late Dame Anita Roddick, Body Shop Founder, provided much of the initial funding to get the project off the ground as a memorial tribute to his late wife. Dame Anita Roddick was born in Littlehampton, which is also home to the iconic Body Shop.

Seafront Shelter incorporating the Longest Bench as it runs through them.

Children and adults love to climb the bench and sit and watch the sea.

Children play on Littlehampton’s longest bench

No Climbing Sign

When it was first opened The Longest Bench generated an enormous postbag of groans and moans for the Littlehampton Gazette’s Letters page. Complaints concentrated on how uncomfortable the bench was to sit upon, and, the potential lethal dangers caused by children climbing on it as in this particular reader’s letter.

As is often the case in these situations, councils start running scared and Arun District Council reacted to pressure by creating the above ‘no climbing signs’, as pictured above. This despite the fact that the structure was initially designed to be a climbing frame as well as a bench. As for the criticisms that the bench is uncomfortable to sit upon, I sit here often and read and have never found it to be uncomfortable…

Seafront Littlehampton

Despite the innovative seafront architecture, Arun District Council sees no problem with dumping the above container for the Summer Season for use by the Lifeguards as a shelter/hut. Unsurprisingly, this structure, which would be more at home on a building site has failed to generate any complaint or comment in the Littlehampton Gazette’s letter’s page.

Littlehampton’s Each Beach Area.

This year,  Arun District Council finally opened the Promenade to Cyclists, which to-date has proved to be a huge success.

Cycling on Littlehampton’s Seafront Promenade

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