Pier Road Littlehampton Regeneration proposals

Pier Road, Littlehampton, Regeneration Proposals.

Littlehampton Harbour

Pier Road overlooks Littlehampton Harbour. Recent regeneration projects in this area have to-date included the completion of an award winning riverside residential development, pictured above.

When the redevelopment was first proposed, the plan was to run the newly constructed riverside walkway along Pier Road making an easy pedestrian access from Littlehampton Seafront/promenade area running along Pier Road past the new waterfront development. Unfortunately, Arun District Council’s plans to improve Pier Road failed to materialise.

In 2009, The Environment Agency announced that were planning a major project in Pier Road to re-enforce the town’s sea-defences with £12m being earmarked to build a new sea wall to protect the town and it’s riverside environs from future instances of flooding.

Arun District Council’s Regeneration Sub-Committee then announced that they would take the opportunity to create a new and exciting environment for Pier Road including a riverside walkway.

Pier Road Littlehampton

The above picture shows a part of Pier Road, Littlehampton as it today (August 2012). An uneven, narrow pavement runs alongside the riverside and the road is an uneven, pot-holed mess.

The picture below shows the riverside running alongside Pier Road as it is today. The Environment Agency plans to build up the area over the current low-level wall and extend out into the river. It is this extended area that Arun District Council’s Regeneration Sub Committee are planning to utilise by building a new and exciting outdoor space.

Pier Road Littlehampton

Arun District Council’s Proposed Plans for Pier Road, Littlehampton below which will transform the above run-down area into a new, exciting outdoor space. (Picture/design courtesy of Arun District Council).

Arun District Council’s Proposal for Pier Road

The above design proposes to change the riverside environs by using the Environment Agency’s Proposed new sea-defences as a base on which to sit a new walkway, viewing areas to run alongside Pier Road. These are exciting and bold plans, which if completed, will finally create a river-side pedestrian walkway from Littlehampton Town Centre to Littlehampton Seafront.

But can the council deliver?

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